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the owner

Holly comes from a tradition in which food - good, made-from-scratch food - is an expression of love. Food doesn't have to be fancy, but it should be beautiful, delicious, and most importantly, something that brings people together.

She has been baking professionally since 2010 . . . moving from China . . . to Sydney . . . to Virginia . . . and finally to Montana . . . relocating to White Sulphur Springs in 2016 to run the Haymaker Bakery before starting Wild Oats.

She has returned to baking again and again because it is the most challenging and authentic work she knows. She is humbled and grateful to be able to use her hands and creativity to serve and connect with a community that has shown her such incredible support and kindness.


the building

Located just off main street (across from Mathis Grocery), the building served as the county library until the new library was finished in 2019. A year-long renovation included removing shelving and carpet,  refinishing the old concrete floors, and adding a full commercial kitchen into the former library space.

the town

Nestled between the Big and Little Belt Mountains in central Montana, the small town of White Sulphur Springs boasts Hot Springs, the award-winning 2 Basset Brewery, and great public access for all the fun outdoor things. Check out Into the Little Belts for more information on all there is to see and do!

who we are

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